How It Works

The Back Sac is designed to fill the gap between your low back and a chair, or surface you are sitting on.  It also fills the curve in your neck while lying down or reclining.

The design is absolutely unique compared to other back support cushions on the market today!  Most support cushions are made to fill the spinal curves by molding to the average person’s neck or low back curve. The Back Sac acknowledges that your spinal curves are probably not average.

The Back Sac uses an air bladder that intentionally contains a larger potential volume than the area it needs to support.  A small amount of air, relative to the potential volume is blown into the air bladder.  The air can then travel into whatever space needs to be supported.  As you shift your body, the air inside follows your movement, providing  dynamic support!

Before sitting or lying against the Back Sac, it will appear much like a deflated ball. When you place it in the curve of your low back or neck and sit or lie against it, it will become instantly pressurized!  The air will fill all the void, and your body’s unique curve will feel fully supported.  More air can be added or released based on your individual needs.  The air inside the Back Sac can be adjusted to fit any chair, or resting surface,  perfectly supporting you wherever and whenever you need it!