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Special Thanks to Terry from My Journey with Candida Blog. Check our her review of the Back Sac Here

Special Thanks to Chelsea of Sitbetter.com for her excellent review of The Back Sac. You can read her review here. You can also purchase The Back Sac on their site.


Also, Special Thanks to Precisely Mine blog by Theladya for the following review!!

“I can honestly say that for such a simple design, the Back Sac works great. I have a lot of chiropractic problems involving my back, neck, and shoulder. I get very bad headaches on a daily basis as well. My profession as a transcriptionist 60+ hours a week only adds to the pain. Using the Back Sac, I can really tell the difference. When I’m sitting and watching television, reading a book, or working at the computer, the Back Sac is great to use behind my back as added support, especially when I start to feel a little discomfort from sitting in one position too long. I also really love to use the Back Sac behind my neck when I’m just lying around. I’ve noticed that when my neck starts to give me problems and I feel a headache coming on, using the Back Sac behind my neck really starts to ease the pain and tension.

The Back Sac is really simple and easy to inflate, even with my asthma. It is also really simple and easy to deflate when I need to. I think the Back Sac would make a great Christmas present for anyone on your list, especially for someone already suffering from back or neck problems. And for the price, you can afford to buy one for yourself as well.” -theladya

A Testimonial from a Comforted Sitter.

“I work a desk job all day and no other back support has been able to give me the support I need like the BackSac. It contours just right to fit my back. It’s been perfect for traveling too, I brought my dad one who travels for business 5 days a week and he has not complained about his back since. It’s a perfect carry on for the plane and riding in the car.” -Allison McCouch

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