Why the Back Sac is so Unique and Special…

Backsac SupportThe Back Sac is a unique back support cushion, designed by a physical therapist to better support your spine in any resting position.  It has been successful in relieving back and neck pain related to back injury, spinal arthritis, disc injuries, scoliosis and pregnancy!

The Back Sac’s unique design uses air to provide the perfect lumbar support whether you are sitting on your couch, at your desk, or in your car! The air travels through the Back Sac when you move, following your spinal curves, creating a dynamic support that no other back cushion can replicate!

The Back Sac also works great as a neck support cushion- especially when travelling or relaxing in your recliner! Because of its ability to adjust to fit all body shapes and sizes, the Back Sac can be used by anyone to improve posture and comfort!