BackSac – The Adjustable, Dynamic Back Support Cushion that is Just Your Size!

  The Back Sac supports your spine and relieves back and neck pain in Any chair or against Any surface where you sit or recline. It’s Perfect for office chairs, sofas, recliners, air plane or car travel, sporting events, the movie theater, and so many more places where you need to be comfortable! Read Real… Continue reading »

Improve your Posture!

Do you find yourself slouching while working at your computer?  Over time, bad work posture can lead to pain.    Prevention is key! The Back Sac helps you achieve upright, comfortable sitting posture. You will feel the difference with Back Sac support! Tweet

Why the Back Sac is so Unique and Special…

The Back Sac is a unique back support cushion, designed by a physical therapist to better support your spine in any resting position.  It has been successful in relieving back and neck pain related to back injury, spinal arthritis, disc injuries, scoliosis and pregnancy! The Back Sac’s unique design uses air to provide the perfect… Continue reading »