BackSac – The Adjustable, Dynamic Back Support Cushion that is Just Your Size!


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The Back Sac supports your spine and relieves back and neck pain in Any chair or against Any surface where you sit or recline. It’s Perfect for office chairs, sofas, recliners, air plane or car travel, sporting events, the movie theater, and so many more places where you need to be comfortable!

Read Real Customer Reviews Below and Learn the Back Sac Benefits…

*Adjustable, Dynamic Back Support Cushion

“The Back Sac is great for filling that lumbar area when I’m using my laptop, reading a book or watching TV.” -Amazon Customer Review

*Light Weight/ Deflates fully for ease of travel

“I take it with me to all locations where I am sitting for the day working, and it has had a miraculous affect on my back. No more shooting pains, no more aching when I get up. Just blow up the internal bladder to the firmness you need and voila, you get the lumbar support you need in a lightweight, easy to carry, compact device. Wish I had one years ago. Would have saved me sooner.” – A. Trapp-  Amazon Customer Review

*Decreases Back Pain associated with Spinal arthritis, Disc Herniation, Pregnancy, and Scoliosis

“I had a bout with a herniated disc in my lower back for several months… Using this in the car made all the difference. Within a week of using this product in my car, I felt my muscles strengthening again. This product gave me the back support required to allow my back to heal naturally on its own.”  -A. Frampton- Amazon Customer Review

*Inflates to fill your Unique Spinal Curve

“I love this backrest because it adjusts to fill the space between my back and the seat perfectly! I use this when driving, as I have a long commute to work, and it makes the car seat much more comfortable. I even bought a second one as a gift. Highly recommend!” -Beth D. -Amazon Customer Review

*Use for Lumbar or Neck Support

“The Back Sac works great for your back, but also for your neck! It’s the only thing that worked for my neck in my recliner. It’s simple, but effective!” -Bill- Amazon Customer Review

*Perfect for your Office Chair, Car, Sofa, or Airplane Seat

“I traveled to Spain with this a few months after I herniated a disc in my lower back. This worked great and gave me lower back support throughout the long flight there and back. Easy to store (just deflate it) and to adjust to provide support.” – H. Paulson -Amazon Customer Review

*Comfortably Improves your Sitting Posture

“I have had lower back pain for years, and this is the first thing I’ve found that really helps while sitting on a couch or driving in my car. If my back curves out, it won’t take long for my pain to start. I like the Back Sac much more than any cushion I have ever used to push my lower back out and keep my back in a straighter posture because it perfectly molds to the contour of my body and has the perfect level of firmness. I could never get any cushion or pillow to fit just right, and even when close, they were just too soft to provide strong yet comfortable support like the Back Sac.” -MD- Amazon Customer Review

*The most versatile Back Cushion on the Market!

*Designed by a Physical Therapist and Orthopedic Specialist!

*Patented Design!

Improve your Posture!

Do you find yourself slouching while working at your computer?  Over time, bad work posture can lead to pain.    Prevention is key! The Back Sac helps you achieve upright, comfortable sitting posture. You will feel the difference with Back Sac support!

Why the Back Sac is so Unique and Special…

Backsac SupportThe Back Sac is a unique back support cushion, designed by a physical therapist to better support your spine in any resting position.  It has been successful in relieving back and neck pain related to back injury, spinal arthritis, disc injuries, scoliosis and pregnancy!

The Back Sac’s unique design uses air to provide the perfect lumbar support whether you are sitting on your couch, at your desk, or in your car! The air travels through the Back Sac when you move, following your spinal curves, creating a dynamic support that no other back cushion can replicate!

The Back Sac also works great as a neck support cushion- especially when travelling or relaxing in your recliner! Because of its ability to adjust to fit all body shapes and sizes, the Back Sac can be used by anyone to improve posture and comfort!